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Admission Counselling

These are the sessions by which we understand your profile and preferences. Your academic background, English test and family’s financial status are essentials in our knowledge for your process to the next step. Such sessions can be a life-changing event, so speak now with our education counsellor for detailed information.
Our counselling services are free of cost – from the introductory stage until your flight abroad. But you should be aware of the expenses such as visa application fees. Authorities may charge a certain amount of fees for verifications—for example, income verification from the ward office etc. Also, our counselling would safeguard the unnecessary expense and valuable time. For instance, students always do not require CA reports, property valuation from engineers etc. The provided guidelines, along with proper checklists, will benefit you with a great deal of assistance.
Some students come to us as friends, or family members recommend the universities/colleges and courses; some choose themselves by their own scrutiny. As there are many options where you cannot select one that best fits your previous study and future goal, our long-term experience and expertise would help you determine the course leading to a better career outcome. There is a range of institutions that we have tie-up with, and they are among the world’s standards. We can find the tuitions fees best suitable for your budget. There are scholarships and bursaries based on merits and offers. In a nutshell, our effort would be to offer you the best out of many options.
By knowing your financial background, we can understand it and offer a budget-friendly option. If you have a good academic result, scholarships are available accordingly, which help you minimize your budget. We will surely try on that. Briefly, we analyze your family income, assets and deposits and plan accordingly.
We guide you in preparing essential documents for admission and visa. Better the documents you prepare, better chances of successfully enrolled in the universities/colleges and granted a visa. We advise you with all instructions about preparing them as per the VISA requirements of the countries. We provide standard checklists of documents for each particular necessity.
Being affirmed about your choice of the destination country, institution and study program, you are now ready to submit your application for admission. You have much understood about your academic and career goal that you have mentioned in your SOP. Moreover, we make sure everything is in order lest your application will not get declined. We also facilitate you to meet College/University delegates at our premises or online to satisfy your queries.
We guide for hassle-free visa processing with all updates on immigration rules and regulations. Our counsellors are well-versed about student visa requirements and how to guide you for fulfilment. If you are willing to apply for your spouse and children, we can assist you with the categories. Our satisfied clients are the students who appropriately enrol in universities and colleges, spouses of the students and the parents who visit abroad for graduation ceremonies or other purposes.

Get professional advice to plan your future career

After consulting with one of our dedicated Counsellors, you will feel confident that you are stepping on the right path, making the best decision about your future study plan. There are cases that students end up disappointed by getting enrolled on a course that doesn’t match their interests. Such unwanted incidents occur by not having proper guidance.

Our extensive experience in study abroad counselling enables us to assist you in deciding the best possible based on your preferences, qualification, career goals, and financial circumstances. We ensure that you stay visa compliant while living and studying abroad. By consulting with us, you will be worry-free and look forward to a promising future.

Chat with our Counsellors

We are available in various modes of communication to meet your counselling needs. Please fill up your details in the given Call Back Request Form, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you are new, we can introduce basic information from a step-by-step process, and we will answer other related queries in a due manner. We entertain all kinds of communication channels for convenience. One of the easiest ways is to schedule an appointment with our counsellors online, by which you will get comprehensive counselling and free of cost.