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Get professional guidance for your Application

Application Process

Enrollment and scholarships in international universities are competitive. Therefore, taking professional help would be a wise decision. The assistance of our specialist team will be dedicated to helping you find a suitable course and submit your application. Our experienced service will avoid common errors that other applications have.

To increase your chances for getting admission and scholarship eventually, we urge you to prepare for every stage of the process:

Contact us online or visit our offices to get comprehensive counselling. As we get information about your academic and financial status, we guide you on that basis. We check which category you are into:

Excellent: Student scoring 75% or Above

Good: Student scoring 60-74%

Average: Student Scoring 50-59%

Poor: Student Scoring below 50%

Students who fall in the first three categories are considered academically eligible. Then we check their IELTS /TOEFL /PTE score if they have already taken the test. If not, we advise them to prepare for the test.

We counsel about the course and place of preferences. We check financial details such as bank statement, income source, properties etc. That student who meets the English, Academic and financial criteria are considered for admission. The university takes students’ knowledge and research about the study program they are pursuing abroad into account.


The success of any application relies primarily on how strong the documentation and the preparation are. Our experienced Counsellors will constantly contact you regarding the list of documents required, the information on those documents, and a timeline for submitting your forms to do everything on time.

We assist your application, including preparing financial & other relevant documents, providing.

Guidance & conducting mock interviews to ensure the convenience of the highest order in your admission process and visa application. Our professionally trained student advisor matches the programs and institute of your choice to streamline the process. To start it, we will require an original and attested copy of Academic documents, English test result and financial record. After receiving the required documents, we begin the following process:

guide you to prepare the application form and SOP

send the application to the desired university

provide additional documents as required by the university

Interview Preparation

After thorough documentation and admission guidance, the universities you have applied to may shortlist you for an interview to know you since a well-approached interview can determine your admission to the university and sometimes visa application.

There will be guidance on various tips to apply while giving an interview with the University Representative and the immigration officer. According to your background, university requirements for admission, financial record, and SOP submitted, we prepare you for your interview to amplify possibilities to determine you as a strong candidate.